Perks That Only Baristas Could Experience

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Coffee Aroma Is Present Every Day

How many people can say, “I love the way my workspace smells”? Well, not many, but baristas can. Other than people who work in perfumery, baristas definitely have the best smelling job.


Just imagine waking up in the morning, pouring your first cup of coffee of the day and smelling it before the first sip, shiver going up your spine, and then getting ready to go to work and enjoying that aroma of high-quality coffee all day long. Nice?


Ok, we know that there are some of you out there not understanding why this sounds amazing, but what can we say other than — start drinking coffee! You’ll know what we are talking about.


Actually, there is also a scientific explanation behind this love for the smell. It contains molecules for just about any attractive scent we like, sweet, spicy, fruity, floral, and smoky. No wonder we are under coffee’s spell.

Coffee Experiments 

Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Macchiato… Maybe all of these sound the same to you, but an experienced barista can talk about differences between them all day long.


Arabica or robusta? The same thing? Well, you are wrong, and any barista will gladly tell you why. That is because their days are filled with learning and experimenting with various types of coffee.


In the hands of a talented barista, even a regular espresso is like magic.

They have their own way of making coffee, know just the right angle to make a specific symbol on foam, and, just like that, serve you with the best cup of coffee you have had in a long time. 


Did you know that an average barista can make about 90 cups of coffee per hour? You do the math. Practice makes it perfect. And it makes it delicious, at least when it comes to the barista experience.

Big and Small Connections 

One thing you can say about barista life is that it’s certainly dynamic. Just imagine how many people on a daily basis they encounter. Yes, some of them are definitely the ones they would gladly forget (we are looking at all of the Karens of the world). Others are funny or inspirational, but they can also be life-changing.


You can’t know who’s going to walk through that door, order coffee, and maybe change their life in some way. New friend? Boyfriend or girlfriend? New job opportunity? All of that can happen when (even on the same day) when you are surrounded by many people every day. That is what we like to call barista perks.


Making connections is important, and it’s important to be open to new experiences because you don’t know where they can lead. Baristas know that and use it in the best way possible — by serving you coffee.

Promising Career and Business Development 

Sometimes, people assume that being a barista is just pouring coffee.

But it’s so much more — learning about the business, customer service, training, and taking courses to make you even better at your job. All of those things come useful at some point because, for some people, being a barista is just a stepping stone into the coffee universe.


And yes, there are many options for that as well. Some people choose to become barista trainers themselves, get involved with import or coffee roastery, etc. But the bravest ones opt for opening their own coffee shop.

It is not an easy decision, but after working in the industry for years, learning about every single bean and the way the business works? For some, it is just a natural step.


Freedom and independence this type of work can bring can be great for some people, especially if your love for coffee is strong.

Good Tips and Reasonable Pay 

Let’s be honest: people don’t get into the barista business to get filthy rich (unless they make a Starbucks 2.0), but the pay is reasonable, and the tips are even better.


Among the best pros of barista life are definitely tips, especially if you have a charming and friendly personality. A smile can go a long way — straight to your pocket.

No wonder being a barista is one of the first choices for starving students. They come for the tips and stay for all of the advantages we have mentioned above.


Just like any other business, improvement and education are needed in order to get a better-paying job. The same goes for this branch. There are employers who will happily pay for a course, which will lead to a better salary. A better salary leads to a content worker, which then leads to more bonuses — a happy wife, a happy life kind of thing.

Time Flexibility 

Barista world is a friendly place – everyone who would like to be a part of that universe is welcomed. You just have to share the love for coffee with them. It is a great first job because no experience is needed, and the more experienced baristas are there to teach you everything you need to know.


As time goes by, you will upgrade your skill, and very soon, you will be the one teaching newbies how to make a perfect espresso. No wonder being a barista is the first choice for the first job for many people because other than this, it offers you time flexibility. 


Sometimes you work night shifts or morning ones or don’t work on Mondays. There are many options for a dynamic job like this one, and you can use this time flexibility to your advantage — sleep in, work part-time, spend time with your pet. 

Open and Warm Coffee Community 

There are two types of people who drink coffee — the ones that savor every minute of it, making it a ritual, and the ones who order coffee because they need it and look like you should pour it straight into their veins.


We like the first kind more. Those are the ones who make the coffee community a wholesome place to be. And what is more wholesome than a coffee shop? When you come in, the smell feels like a warm hug, and a barista has a halo around their head. 


You can easily connect with a barista. They share the same love.

They understand your need for a daily dose of that sweet nectar we call coffee. There are not many jobs where both parties share the same passion. Usually, we have a grumpy employee on one side and a confused customer on the other. But here, it’s like a utopia.