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“Great selection of kids books, educational toys- math/ science toys,  toys made of recycled materials, some classic toys, as well as puzzles, stickers, board games, small costume/dress up section, and stuffed animals. There’s a few sections with displays/ table for kids to sit and play with toys on display. Very welcoming- wonderful store. Highly recommended.” ~Beata M


“One of my favorite places in the North Country! I come here with my son frequently, and the staff is genuinely kind, even remembering what my son looks at, so when family went here looking for a Christmas present without a list, they knew exactly what he wanted! They’re constantly getting new toys and books in, from science projects to nostalgic older toys, to new fun things that they find out about from the toy expos that they go to, this place has everything, and if they don’t, they’ll order it for you! AND there’s free gift wrapping!! This is much more than just a book store, going here is a fun thing to do, even if it’s just to look around.”   ~Steph M.


“I come up here every summer with my son. Every year they find a different book for him to he reads and it’s right on. I’ve gone to b&n and they couldn’t even help. We look forward to our trip up. And all the employees are as as nice as could be.”   ~Donna C.


“Cute and fun. We love this bookstore for the books, the great variety of toys, and the staff.”  ~Rachel M


“We enjoyed this shop. A great selection of toys, books and games. As a family we love board and card games. A great and different selection was available here. We actually went back for a 2nd visit to purchase more!”   ~Sage


“Loved the toy selection of good, old fashioned toys. When I was looking for a particular item for my grandson, but a little bit doubtful that it would be there, the helpful clerk led me right to several little kits that included the sewing cards I was seeking. She was just as patient with the children who asked for help, and seemed to love her job! I found a good selection of not the same old greeting cards as well, and the children’s book section was just great.”   ~Gardener


“We discovered a very nice, and enjoyable, mix of books, creative toys, and friendly staff.
The shop was a good spot to meander for over an hour as we awaited an early Spring snowstorm.
Atmosphere was inviting, and a combination of library and retail store.” 
  ~Paul M.