What is Americano Coffee? – Facts You Must Know About Coffee

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So, an Americano coffee is prepared using Espresso with additional hot water. The strength of this coffee depends on the Espresso shots used, and the amount of the water added in the making.

There is a famous yet unconfirmed story about the origin of the Americano coffee. It is believed that name was first used during the World War II.

What is Americano Coffee

During this time, the American G.Is used to dilute the Espresso using hot water, so that they can rightly distribute the coffee available with them.

Americano means American, and this comes from American Spanish or an Italian. While the term Caffè Americano is pure Italian which means American coffee. Talking about the preparation, here single or double shot espresso is added with water.

There is no fixed amount of the water added so that it can vary accordingly.

The water used for the preparation can be taken from the machine itself in which Espresso is brewed, or you can use a separate vessel from which water can be extracted.

This vessel could be a water kettle or a water heater. While you can also use a separate heater for the purpose, and draw the hot water directly into the glass before or after added the Espresso.

If you are dealing with commercial setup, then it is better to get a separate heater for this purpose.

Similarly, iced Americanos are also prepared where cold water is used instead of the hot water. So which one are you gonna try first?