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My obsession with coffee started when I was on pre-school. I can vividly remember asking mom to add a dash of coffee powder to my glass of milk, and would cry if she didn’t. 25 years later, I became a coffee master.

We’ve spent countless years gathering with friends around a great cup of coffee—just talking, building relationships, and making new friends. We think that we can absolutely change lives with our blog by sharing articles about our love for coffee in order to build long term, life-changing relationships with our readers.

And like the endless stories we have shared over a cup of coffee, we also have endless of stories to share on this blog. We will feature guides on how to make a good cup of Joe, the best coffee beans around the world, and anything that all of us can enjoy.

We have sponsors that we have partnered with, so you can enjoy product recommendations to switch things up a little bit. Finally, if you want to be featured on our website, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can send you a gift package as a reward for being chosen!